Nov 20, 2017

183 Scherben and A = Z in Morgen und davor


Ten years of Klasse Hickmann at the Berlin University of the Arts. This means 20 semesters containing of 30 students in each case and far more than 1000 works. This compendium shows an essence of 100 projects evolved in this period. It provides an insight into a divers collection, widely unknown to the public and shows the well known didactic approach of Prof. Fons Hickmann which stimulates both curiosity and spirit of research.
Morgen und davor: Hundert Arbeiten aus zehn Jahren Klasse Hickmann has been published by Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz.
We look forward to further successful years and say thank you for featuring the projects 183 Scherben and A = Z.

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→ 183 Scherben in Projects
→ A = Z in Projects