Mar 27, 2014

Stadtdenker – Ein Spielraum für urbane Entdeckungen


In the spring of 2015 a group of architecture students from UdK Berlin went to the city of Paderborn for a week, to perform an unusual experiment as so-called Stadtdenker (urban thinkers). Their trip focused on getting familiar with the city itself in all its facets. These activities focused less on the better known sights than on the places and things that stay frequently undiscovered or rather become visible at third or fourth sight. In close dialogue with the inhabitants of Paderborn, several interventions and games were carried out to deal with the city. This led to a fresh and impartial view on the well-known and therefore unnoticed. In this way the Stadtdenker had access to the locals highly individual pictures and impressions of the city. They were able to initiate a new examination with the city of Paderborn and even add some interesting impulses through their open-minded view.
The project took place within the scope of the urban model plan Baukultur in der Praxis (building culture in practice), which was supported by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development and aims to strengthen the awareness of the particular building culture.
Due to the big success it has now been published as a book by Jovis Verlag. Studio Palissa was in charge of the design.

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